Mimar Models was established in 2003 as a specialized architectural model building company with technical and creative expertise to meet the varying needs of architects, property developers, and various high-profile establishments.
With two decades of experience in the industry, we have set a benchmark in high-quality model making in the region. Mimar Models has positioned itself as a leading model making firm that is innovative, creatively superior, and committed to the highest industry standards.
Our journey of 20 years has been an epic story of dynamic growth and amazing achievements, driven by an undiluted passion for the art and science of top-notch model making. Our achievements have also been recognized in the form of several appreciations and awards. The award for the stunning Dubai Opera House model deserves special mention.



We have set our own benchmark in the model building industry. The quality of our work is what makes our clients come back to us with more projects. Our attention to detail and experience of 20 years adds weightage to the quality of our work.


Each model is unique in its own way; that’s why we treat each model differently as an art piece, well designed, and executed to exceed client expectations. Backed with our vast experience in model making, our creative architects and fabricators consistently push the creative limits to resolve the trickiest of challenges. While keeping up with the industry’s technological advances, Mimar has partnered with renowned suppliers of model technology, like augmented reality, holograms, projections, and other limitless solutions to provide the best models to our clients.


With our proud 100% delivery record and client satisfaction, Mimar has always been trusted to execute and deliver prestigious projects to high profile clients and events, meeting the tightest deadlines with our standard, superior service.


We celebrate every project assigned to us.
We’ve had the privilege of building world-class models of some of the most iconic buildings and top-of-the-line real estate projects in the UAE. As one of the best model makers in the region, we continue to work with leading names in the realty sector.
The reason why Mimar Models qualifies as the first choice of high-profile realtors across the region as their model building agency is our unmatched expertise in high-quality model making.
Over the years, we have gained deep insights into the art and technology of model making.
Our elegant models for a wide range of projects including industrial parks, ports, residential clusters, waterfront properties, town masterplans, leisure & entertainment complexes, malls, places of worship and study models are highly appreciated for their flawless precision and aesthetic brilliance.
We have positioned Mimar Models as a provider of 360-degree model building services firm that covers a wide spectrum of models including architectural, interactive, prototype and study models
For us, being part of historic building projects in the UAE and beyond and creating models that truthfully represent them in a precise and elegant manner is by itself a truly rewarding experience. There is certainly an element of pride in being a model maker for futuristic projects in the region, and this certainly inspires us to build unique, technically perfect models for our prestigious clients.

To be a pioneering model building agency in UAE with high-end expertise in designing inspiring world-class models.

Provide reliable & innovative model making services for clients across industries and set new benchmarks in model building.


Managing Director, Co-Founder
Amjad H. Al-Hajj (B Sc. Arch) is an award-winning architect/entrepreneur and the Founder & Managing Director of Mimar Models. Mimar Models was built on his talent, creativity and expertise.
Under his visionary leadership, Mimar Models has emerged as one of the best model building firms in the UAE, and has stood the test of time by maintaining the highest standards of aesthetics, quality, professionalism and customer service.
Director, Co-Founder
Hazem Abu Nabaa (B Sc. Arch.) is a renowned architect with extensive experience and highend expertise in modern architecture.
He is a global entrepreneur and has established businesses in various countries. He is also a highly sought-after consultant who offers expert advice to key businesses and architects. He has been leading the growth of Mimar Models by inspiring the entire team to achieve enhanced productivity and business growth.
The Mimar Models Team

Mimar Models owes its growth and brand power to its amazing team of professionals who with their unmatched skills and creative insights executes every project in the most perfect manner.
Model Editors

The state-of-the-art digital editing department plays the most crucial role at Mimar Models. We have the finest editors who are experienced and creative architects with deep domain knowledge.
Machinery Operators

The machinery operations department has advanced 3D printers, laser cutters, router, CNC machines and other tools that are operated by expert technicians. They guarantee finely cut and engraved assembly pieces featuring complicated architectural details on time.

The flawless aesthetic appeal of our models is due to the amazing skills of our painters. They possess the expertise to give the precise texture, shade and finishing touch as envisioned by the modelling expert, using advanced tools and techniques.
Fabricators & Moulders

Fabrication and moulding are two significant elements of Mimar’s work. Our fabricators, moulders and casters are noted for their fine craftsmanship that helps them create intricate shapes with perfectly joined corners and well-concealed joints.
Lighting Experts

Mimar Models has a dedicated department for model lighting comprising experienced lighting experts. Our lighting solutions greatly enhance the value and appeal of the models we build. Multiple lighting strategies are designed, analysed and implemented in association with the R&D department to achieve the most spectacular effect.
Joinery Technicians

Our joinery team consists of technicians who design and fabricate the perfect bases and pedestals that ensure that can with the most elegant and functional bases and pedestals, designed and fabricated in-house. They guarantee the highest levels of aesthetics and functionality and produce our customized shipping crates.
R & D Team

Mimar’s research and development department drives the company’s growth by setting new benchmarks in model building and enhancing the design process. The team consists of industrial and IT engineers and technicians who adopt and implement the latest technologies and processes technological breakthroughs.
Landscaping artists

Our creatively exceptional artists make the models vibrant with plantation, vehicles, human figures, street elements and other accessories with the perfect colour tones and intricate designs that seamlessly blend in with the overall aesthetics.
Logistics Professionals

Safe and fast transportation and delivery –anywhere in the world—of the models we build are crucial. Our expert logistic professionals ensure this. We have tied up with leading names in the global logistics sector for efficient international delivery of the models in perfect condition.
Model Maintenance

We take pride in our world-class after-delivery services. Even the most negligible flaws or faults in a model caused while in transit or due to any other reason are well taken care of and fixed on time in the most perfect manner.
Mimar Models’ value-added model maintenance services are intended to keep the models in good shape, and include:

  • Annual Maintenance contracts (AMC): tailor-made onsite maintenance packages for scale models.
  • Emergency and on-call services for onsite repair and maintenance.