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Homepage - Mimar Models

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Mimar Models is a specialized architectural model building company

Mimar Models serves the needs of architects, developers and high profile establishments. The extraordinary road travelled since the production of the first model in 2003 has led to a reputation of distinction in the region, meeting the highest standards of Model Making.

Homepage - Mimar Models


our projects


We provide wide range of business services.

Architectural Models

Our architectural models make a remarkable impression. Our experienced team has vast knowledge and an eye for choosing the perfect size, scale, color combinations, and model style to complement the project design.

Logistics Models

Our design team works closely with architects and designers at early design stages to ensure that all aspects of a project are well studied and on track for a masterpiece.

Model Maintenance

The delivery department is given the same priority as any other department. With specialists taking charge in model packing, moving, and handling.

Architectural Animation

Whether it’s virtual reality, virtual tours, or any other 3D solutions. We believe it’s not about the technology you use, but about the story, you want to share.

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Homepage - Mimar Models
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A world full of wonder flying there-under under the sea it’s time to play the music it’s time to light.

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